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i have a 36 in. wide by 18 in. length by 20 in high rectangular aquarium that needs to be filled. i have a 12 in high cylindrical bucket with a 12 in diameter to fill the tank. if the aquarium contains 3 in of gravel and the bucket is to be filled to a depth of 11 in, how many buckets of water will it take to fill the aquarium?

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    Assuming the aquarium is to be filled to the top, 20" high less 3" of gravel,
    volume of water V1 = 36*18*17 in^3.
    Capacity of each bucket filled to 11" high
    V2=π(6)^2*11=396π in^3

    Number of buckets required = V1/V2
    round to the next higher integer.
    I get 9 buckets.

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