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I am taking a ground school class for my private pilot license and am having trouble with weather, what is the best way to go about learning this stuff????

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    When I was studying for my private pilot's license, the instructor had a slide course along with audio tapes. I would show a slide and the audio tape would talk about what was showing. When finished with that slide the audio tape would tell me to flip to the next slide. We continued through the lessons that way. I found it to be very instructive. We didn't have widespread use of computers then (only main frames were being used because no one could afford anything for individuals). Talk to your ground school instructors or the place you are getting your training. If they have a program I'm sure it is much more technologically advanced than what I took. The other way I studied was by watching the weather on TV. They don't tie all of that stuff in with flying but it helped me at the beginning by getting me familiar with fronts, lows, highs, what's back of the front, what's in front of the front, and how conditions changed. Good luck.

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