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Hello all I need some help with couple questions as a refresher.
1. which of the following statements about the gate-control theory is TRUE?
a. Pain impulses create a gate leading to the brain.
b. the brain is capable of generating pain on its own.
c. the gate closes when pain messages go to the brain
d. damage to small nerve fibers lets pain through the brain.
My answer= B
2. When little Tyra throws a tantrum in the grocery store, her father ignores her until she stops. When she is quiet, he gives her a piece of a cookie and continues every so often to reinforce her quiet behavior, until they are done shopping. Dad has Tyra on a _____ reinforcement schedule.
a. fixed-interval
b. variable-ratio
c. fixed-ratio
d. variable-interval
My answer= C
3. Loss of the Myelin Sheath can lead to:
a. increased sensation
b. increased conduction of neural impulses
c. erratic nerve signals
d. neurogenesis
My answer= A

4. Changes in light, air, pressure and even temperature can cause changes in our_____ rhythms.
a. Infradian
b. Circadian
c. Ultradian
d. Endogenous
My answer= B

  • Psychology -

    1. A -->has to do with pain impulses to the brain.

    2. Looks OK.

    3. C-->signals along the nerve can be impaired or lost.

    4. Looks OK.

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