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Chemistry(Please help)

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The vapor pressure of diethyl ether is 463.57 mm Hg at 25 degrees celsius. How many grams of aspirin C9H8O4, a non volatile nonelectrolyte (mw=180.1g/mol), must be added to 216.7g of ether to reduce the vapor pressure to 453.74 mm Hg.


so I did 463.57 - 453.74 = 7.600

Then I found moles of ether to be 4.0313.

I do not understand the next step to find Xether.

  • Chemistry(Please help) -

    You had better subtract again. 7.600 is not right.
    You need the mole fraction of ether. You get that by
    pether = Xether*Po ether
    You know partial pressure of ether to be 453.74 (that's what you want it to be)
    You know Po ether to be 463.57. Solve for Xether.

  • Chemistry(Please help) -

    I subtracted again and got 9.83.

    So do I set it up like this

    453.74= Xether * 463.57

  • Chemistry(Please help) -

    Disregard question.

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