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Here is the rephrase I hope you can check. Thank you very much in advance.

1) Mr. B refers briefly to the incident in the summer house. He excuses himself by saying that on that occasion he didn’t want to do her any harm but be a little kind to her.
2) He scolds her for having compromised (ruined) his reputation. In her turn she confesses that she has hardly talked to anyone about that.
3) When he accuses her of having told Mrs Jervis about the incident she replies that her heart was almost broken and that she didn’t “open her mouth” to anyone else.
4) He goes on to accuse her of having "written about it" to her parents. She excuses herself again for having broken her mind freely to her parents and asked them for advice. He scolds her again and calls her saucebox as she has exposed him in his own house.
5) She begs him not to be angry with her but he walks into the great chamber two or three times leaving her on her knees. She throws her apron over her face and lays her head on a chair. She then breaks down in tears.

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