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1.) what is the length of the line segment whose endpoints are (1,1) and (3,-3)?

2.) what are the coordinates of the midpoint of the line segment whose endpoints are (c,0) and (0,d)?

3.) The diagonals of a rhombus have lengths of 8 cm and 6 cm. The perimeter of the rhombus is?

4.) ABCD is a rectangle, E is a point on CD, the measure of angle DAE = 30 degrees and measure of angle CBE= 20 degrees. What is the measure of angle x?

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    Tutors don't mind helping with some individual questions, but we are not prepared to do an assignment for you nor to do your homework for you.

    I gave you the formulas for #1 and #2 when you posted under the name of Taylor

    What part of just plugging in the above numbers do you have difficulties with ?

    for #3, the diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other at right angles. Make a sketch to see 4 right-angled triangles, then use Pythagoras to find the length of the sides of the rhombus.

    In #4, I have no clue where x is.
    However, all angles can be found quite easily.

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