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what number is equivalent to this expression,(4 x 9 - 13) - 15 divided by 5 x 2 - 1???

can someone help me with this.

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    (4 x 9 - 13) - 15/5 x 2 - 1
    following the order of operation and the way you typed it .....
    = 36 - 13 - 3x2 - 1
    =36 - 13 - 6 - 1
    = 16

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    thanks the answer or solution would be 16???

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    This is difficult because I'm not sure if this is a fraction type of problem?
    When you say divide, does that mean everything after divide, goes on the bottom, like the denominator? Really need to see the problem in order to figure it out. Don't want to give you the wrong answer.

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    post it.

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