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Assume it costs Microsoft $4,300 to manufacture 7 Xbox 360s and $8,290 to manufacture 14. Obtain the corresponding linear cost function.

C(x)= (what formula do I use to get the cost function, because I can't get it)

What was the cost to manufacture each additional Xbox? (Do I need the cost function to solve this?)

Use the cost function to estimate the cost of manufacturing 60 Xboxes.(Do I just plug it in the cost function?)

Thank you.

  • Math -

    if m = cost/unit and b = fixed cost,

    c = mx+b

    8290 = 14m + b
    4300 = 7m + b

    3990 = 7m
    m = 570
    b = 310

    cost c = 570x + 310

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