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I couldn' post my last sentences. I'll try again. Thank you very much.

4) This habit is so rooted in himself that his friends tell him that he trots like a horse. He considers it as a compliment. He admits that he sometimes happens to modulate his voice in the manner (??) of the ..... Though people make fun of him, he doesn’t feel ashamed at all.
5) When he comes back home, his wife and the other family members welcome him with surprise and joy, because they think him dead. When Gulliver sees them again, he is filled with hate, disgust and contempt. He realizes that he prefers the company of the wise horses, which are his best friends, to that of men. As soon as he get into his home, his wife takes me in the arms (hugs him) and kisses him. However, as he has touched his wife for a long time, he fainted. During the first year, he cannot endure either his husband and his children

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