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The reaction A + B + C = products has a rate law rate = kA]C]2. Which of the following will result in an increase in the rate constant for the reaction?

#1 - increasing the temperature
#2 - adding a catalyst
#3 - doubling the concentration of reactant C

a. only one of these (only #1 or only #2 or only #3)
b. #1 and #2 only
c. #1 and #3 only
d. #2 and #3 only
e. all three will result in an increase in the rate constant for the reaction.


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    You must be having an identity crisis!

    You've posted 10 chemistry questions using different names,

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    We know that Elvis, Steve, Senior pup, and Dom are the same person.

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    To add to the response by Ms Sue, you get answers much faster if you don't switch screen names.

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    The rate CONSTANT changes with T but it does not change with the addition of a catalyst or changing concn. Adding a catalyst WILL change the rate (but not the constant) and changing the concn of C WILL change the rate but not the constant.

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