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The units of a rate constant for zero, first and second order reactions are given in the textbook. If the time units are minutes, what would you expect the units to be for a third order reaction?

a. 1/min3 b. mol2/L2-min c. L/mol-min2 d. L2/mol2-min e. L2/mol2-min2

help help!

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    rate laws:
    zero order is rate = k so units are M/s or moles/l*s

    1st order is rate = k*(A)
    k = rate/(A) = moles/L*ws/(moles/L) = 1/s or s^-1.
    Here is a site that will give you the units of zero, 1st, 2nd, and a formula for calculating any order units for k. Just scroll to that part of the site.

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