posted by Mohammad

So ms. Sue before you say that theme of story be don’t look back or you be destroyed.
ms. sue before I start this paragraph, I also need to put 5 quotes in paragraph from story, which u think be best ones to put in there?

  1. Ms. Sue

    You should choose the five quotes that mean something to you.

  2. Mohammad

    well they have to relate to theme so it be :

    - i sat staring at the telephone for a long time and thought about statues

    -And when i left she kept expecting me to come back like eurydice waiting and i didn't even look back ( i not really get this that mean he not care for his wife)

    -the phone could brighten up the night; once call to someone. A name somewhere in the directory

    -id have liked to have been on the moon with an endless supply of lightbulbs; wire the moon to shine away the night.

    -i couldn't assemble the words to build the picture the way it really was.

    there be better ones than these that represent theme?

  3. Ms. Sue

    Those quotes are good.

    Eurydice was the wife of Orpheus. In the myth, Orpheus rescued her from death. But because he looked back, Hades took her back to death.

    I think he's saying that because he didn't look back, he gave her a chance for a life of her own.

  4. Mohammad

    oh ok that make real sense thanks ms. sue :)

  5. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome, Mohammad.

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