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int carry=0;
int prod,i,j,rem;
int base=10;

else if ( op == '*' ) //checks for operator, performs array multiplication
for(i=size-1; i>-1;i--)
for(int j=size-1; j>-1;j--)
prod =firNum[i]*secNum[j];
prod += carry;

carry = (prod/base);
prod -= (carry*base);

carry = 0;
final[i+j] += prod;

if(final[i+j] >= base)
rem = (final[i+j]/base);
final[i+j] -= rem*base;
carry += rem;
if(final[i+j] >= base)
final[i+j-1] += (final[i+j]/base);
final[i+j] = final[i+j] % base;

  • Programming?? -

    If you really want an expert to help you, be sure to follow directions and type your subject in the School Subject box. Any other words, including obscure abbreviations, are likely to delay responses from a teacher who knows that subject well.

  • Java - incomplete -

    The program will not compile, because many variables are undefined (for C/C++/C# or Java).

    You will need to define a variable before first use.

    Also, an if statement cannot start with "else if".

    Perhaps you have missed out a part of the code.

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