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Al has 76 nickels and dimes worth$5.55. How many of each coins does Al have?

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    Let x = # nickels and y = # dimes

    x = 76 - y

    5x + 10y = 555

    Substitute 76-y for x in second equation and solve for y. Insert that value into the first equation and solve for x. Check by inserting both values into the second equation.

  • algebra -

    Agree with this solution.

    Worth pointing out that x = 76 - y originates from the formula x + y = 76. In case Jay / anyone else can't seem to get that far when solving similar problems on their own.

    5x + 10y = 555 because a nickel is worth 5 cents and dime is worth 10, for a total of 555 cents. When doing these in school I would sometimes assign a variable like n and d so I'd never forget what a variable represents or accidentally get them switched around in my answer.

    This also carries over nicely when solving problems like these in computer programming.

    Good stuff PsyDAG

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