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Writeacher, now that the grammar is OK, I just want to know if everything is correct from a scientific point of view. Could you please ask your science teacher, Bob Pursley?

1) After meeting with the engineer ......... we became interested in exploring the problems of water pollution caused by toxic metals, such as arsenic or pathogenic bacteria.
2) Analysing the data from the ....., we saw that this problem was very significant in our country and abroad as well, particularly in developing nations. We decided to create an effective and inexpensive filter using knowledge of genetic engineering.
3) In particular, we prepared a genetically modified bacterium, the GFAJ-1, which can survive using arsenic instead of phosphorous in building its DNA. Actually, it contains a recombined plasmid in which we inserted the necessary sequences to interrupt the pathogenic action of the GFAJ-1 itself and of the main bacteria present in the water. Using plasmid is the most convenient way to transfer very quickly, and without any additional expenditure, the factor we want all the bacteria to have in order to mute their pathogenicity.
4) Moreover, this particular bacterium can survive in presence of arsenic and, therefore, won't die until its action of purification is completed.This method is inexpensive and affordable even for those countries that can't or don't want to spend much money to safeguard its water resources.

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    Only one comment: at what levels of arsenic can the bacterium survive? Is that known, or not. Most any bacterium can survive in arsenic if the levels are low enough.

    Otherwise, science is OK. Nice project.

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