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Why aren't all forms of discrimination unconstitutional? In what cases might it make sense for the government to discriminate between types of people?

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    Not all applications of the word 'discriminate' are negative. You've probably heard it so much in connection with stereotyping and racial/ethnic issues that it automatically translates to 'negative' in your mind.

    The government discriminates between children with special needs and those without special needs. Those with special needs usually require more assistance in their learning, and that costs more money (for aides, equipment, etc.).

    How else do you think the government discriminates for some people's benefit?

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    They might discriminate against colored people, like they still do in Alabama..

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    Does the government still discriminate against colored people in Alabama? How?

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    Yes, i'm not sure how, but my history teacher told me that. Is that wrong? They don't?

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    Please ask your teacher to explain. Perhaps she means that the people -- not the government -- discriminate in Alabama.

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    Hmmm! I thought you were looking for examples of instances when discrimination by a government body was advantageous.

    I must have read your first post wrong ... but I don't think I did!

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    He's a he lol (: You where write writeacher....

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