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what be painful realization made by old man at end of his life?

he not able to give love? i thought he not die, he just walk inside home.

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    The author explains this in this part:

    ""See Jake," he said, when he reached the trees, ''I'm a selfish man." "We all are," I said.
    "Yeah, but with me it was different in some way. Sometimes I fee1 1ike I missed something. I always figured the most important thing to a man was his privacy. A man's got to have his privacy. I always lived that way Jake."
    It may have been an explanation or even an apology but whatever it was, it was enough. He'd had his polite smile all his life and I had my telephone. You could hide behind either one or use it to reach out. I could learn a lot from the old man. If only he'd tell me. Maybe, though I had to ask. And maybe privacy was another way of saying lonely. "

    Jake's father hasn't died yet. He said he was a selfish man. He hid behind his desire for privacy. It was a way of avoiding contact with other people. Now, near the end of his life, he is regretting his lonely life.

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    Thanks very much ms. sue :)

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