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Theres a circuit wired in series that has 4 resistors.
1) 10 ohms
2) 6 ohms
3) 1 ohms
4) 2 ohms

Find the potential difference across the 10ohm resistor.
Answer in units of V

What exactly am i supposed to do to calculate this?

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    Oh right, there's a current of 0.1 A

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    In the circuit below, V = 37 volts, R1 = 3 Ohms, R2 = 4 Ohms, R3 = 10 Ohms, and R4 = 14 Ohms. What is the power output of the battery in Watts?

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    I'm assuming the resistors are connected
    in series.

    I = E/(R1+R2+R3+R4) = 37/31 = 1.194A

    Po = E*I = 37 * 1.194 = 44.2 Watts

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