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English 10 --- Check Please

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I this paragraph correct?

Many names for groups are quite interesting. Group names were commonly used at one time. Now only a few of them are rare, some like "a pride of lions" or " a school of fish." Yet some group names are really neat in describing, for example "a clutter of cats", "a cry of hounds", or "a knot of toads." Other names latch onto what the animals are like, for instance "a charm of goldfinches" or "an exaltation of larks." In conclusion, there are names that have no obvious meaning such as "a gam of whales" or "a grist of bees." I used to know even more of these unusual names. All of these names lend variety to the language.

  • English 10 --- Plagiarized! -

    It was correct when it was first written. However, you have plagiarized it making you a thief and this paragraph a plagiarism.

  • English 10 --- Check Please -

    No, no its for a class, and i was supposed to correct the errors, and i did. And i corrected it, and posted it on here to see if all the errors where out! I didn't plagiarize, i promise!

  • English 10 --- Check Please -

    I would give you the link to prove it to you, but it won't let me. I'm not a thief. I have never plagiarized, and won't ever. The above comment was mine too..

  • English 10 --- Check Please -

    If all you had to do was correct it, then we'd never be able to tell unless you post the "before" and the "after" (your correction). If you decide to post BOTH versions, be sure to label them correctly.

  • English 10 --- Check Please -

    Okay, i will next time...But i promise i didn't plagiarize....

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