English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment

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Read below:

English 7 HW - Collect faucal info. about your role to be incorporated in your narrative/journal entry.

English Notes Taken Today/Do Now:

Aim - How can we plan and brainstorm for an narrative that refects real life determination from a historical perspective?

- Gen. George W
- Boston Tea Party
- Stamp Act
- Boston Massarce
- Proclamation of 1763
- Intolerable Act

I can also pretend to be a nurse during the american revelution (that what my teacher said).

Do Now: Do you keep a journal? If not, what deatils or thoughts would your journal?

Yes I do have a journal.

I'm a bit stuggling with this assignment. This assignment is due next week after the president break.

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    These articles will provide a good start for your brainstorming about nurses in the Revolutionary War. Be sure to also read the links in the second site.



  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    Thank You plus while I'm writing the entry I can write some facts about what's happening/about the american revelution.

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -


    You could write about the battles the patients have described to you. Be sure to write about the kinds of wounds they have.

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    I can pretend to be one of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR nurses.

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    I can pretend that ... ok since I'm a nurses I can pretend that my husbad is in the war and going aganist the british and then I can write facts about that british and this war.

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    Thank You Ms. Sue! :)

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    You're welcome, Laruen. Have fun writing your journal.

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    Thanks! ;)
    BTW: I can also use my DBQ essay for more info. too :)

  • English 7 - Narretive/Journal Entry Assignment -

    You're welcome. :-)

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