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1. Identify - What are four (4) influences that give you a unique indentity?

What does this question means???

I'm going to answer it I just want to know what does this question means so that way I can understand it in order to answer this question.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    First make a list of things about you that make you different from others.

    Next, decide why you developed those different traits? Who or what influenced you?

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Influences in my life:
    the "age" in which I was born and grew up.
    ethnic background

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Thank You! :)

    Now I understand it

    Thank you Ms. Sue for explaining it cleary for me to understand.

    and Thank You Bob for giving me examples for me to understand.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    You're welcome, Laruen.

  • Family and Consumer Science Q2 -

    2. List - What are three ways your family influences the person you become?

    so similar to bob's I can write

    - my culture ..... that's all i got

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    What have your mother and father taught you?
    What have you learned from your siblings?

  • Family and Consumer Science Q3 -

    3. Explain - What effect do experience have on people?

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Everything. Children who have been told that they're bad or stupid usually act bad or stupid.

    Children who have had successes when they've worked hard usually are hard workers.

    Children who hear substandard grammar usually use substandard grammar themselves.

    Children who've been exposed to many different educational experiences usually have a broad view of the world.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    4. Distinguish - What is the difference between inherited traits and acquired abilities?
    Give two (2) examples of each.

    Well I know what acquired means. It means like your getting help or was thought by your parents or friends or your other family memebers.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Inherited traits: the color of your hair, your height, artistic ability

    Acquired traits: friendliness, hard-working, religious, respect for others

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    6. List ten of you important characteristics.
    - Decide what percentages (%) of these traits are inherited.
    - Decide what percentages (%)have been acquired with help from other people.
    - Decide what percentages (%) are little bit of both.

    when it means 10 characteristics do that means 10 adj. that describe me


    - creative
    - fun
    - funny
    - smart
    - repectful
    - responisible
    - cool
    and so on

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    I have to draw a pie chart making my results.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Yes, your important characteristics are good!

    However, all of the traits you listed are acquired. You might include such physical characteristics as hair color and texture, color of eyes, and whether you need glasses.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Ok just making sure

    Thank You SOOOOO much for explaining what am I supuse to answer for each question for my facs hw. I'm soo going to get a good grade in this project.

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    im just glad that i understand the questions now!!!! :)

  • Family and Consumer Science -

    Yay! And you're welcome!

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