6th grade math

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A stray dog ate 12 of your muffins.That was 3/10 of all of them!
with how many did you start???

  • 6th grade math -


  • 6th grade math -

    please help us mrs.sue!!!

  • 6th grade math -

    Please have patience, girls. I was helping other students and removing your frivolous responses.

    Change 3/10 to its equivalent decimal.

    3/10 = 0.3

    0.3x = 12

    x = 12/0.3

    x = ?

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    does X=40???

  • 6th grade math -

    sorry Mrs.Sue :(

  • 6th grade math -

    Yes. You started with 40 muffins.

  • 6th grade math -

    You started with 30.

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