Spanish-SraJMcGin please check

posted by Terry

I had to describe jewelry my mom wears-I'm not sure if this is correct.
Mi madre lleva un anillo de diamantes. My mother wears a diamond ring.
Ella también lleva las aretes de oro muy bonita.
A veces, ella usa aretes de plata.Sometimes, she wears silver earrings.
Le gusta aretes pequeños.She likes small earrings
No le gusta las aretes grandes .She doesn’t like big earrings.
Ella lleva dos pulseras en el brazo derecho.She wears two bracelets on her right arm.
También lleva un collar de plata todos los días.Also she wears a silver necklace everyday.

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'll email this to Sra.

  2. SraJMcGin

    This would be far easier to do if you always number the sentences.
    2. arete is masculine = los aretes de oro muy bonitos. Any adjective must have the same number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) as the noun(s) modified.
    As for también, it's OK there but usually adverbs go after the noun they modify = lleva también
    I note you did not translate #2. Did you have to?

    4. Do not learn the verb "gustar" as the verb "to like" but instead "to be pleasing to..." and then you will understand better that you are literally saying: "the earrings (they) are pleasing to her = Le gustan aretes...

    5. same error as #2 and #4 = No le gustan los aretes grandes.

    Otherwise, well done!


  3. Terry

    Thank you for correcting this-I really appreciate it

  4. SraJMcGin

    de nada...Sra

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