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i make shattered image in art, but what shattered image mean? does it have meaning? i thought maybe it mean search for yourself.

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    I caution you that I am not an art critic and there is much about art I don't understand. However, I've attended many many art shows, art exhibits, listed to many artists explain what they were thinking about when they painted that "perfect" painting and I have socially interacted with many active artists in the world over a period of 60 years. I have come to this conclusion. Only the artist can tell you what is going on in that mind and an outsider never knows UNTIL the artist tells him/her what it means. Bottom line. It means what you want it to mean.

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    thank you all very much:) well i make shattered image and i think it mean to search for yourself, like find our inner self. do this make sense? i hve to critique my artwork, someone please be able to help me write proper sentence.

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    I'll be glad to help you to write proper sentences.

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    thanks ms. sue i post them here in small minute.

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    Analysis: what do you see?

    * elements of design (line, shape, form, colour, space, tone, texture)
    *principles of design (balance, rhythm, perspective, emphasis, variety, contrast, pattern, unity)
    * design strategies if used (fragmentation, abstraction, minification, magnificatin, multiplication, juxtaposition)
    * composition (leading lnes, rule of thirds, depth, angle)

    My artwork have circle grid with cirles getting bigger starting from middle. Each separate box in grid have shades going from dark to light and vice versa.

    i not real know what the rest mean, like fragmentation and the others. i only be able to say that i choose grid that be circle grid and i draw cat in middle. and i shade each of boxes in grid going light to dark and dark to light.

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    My artwork has a cat with a circle grid with the circles getting bigger starting from the middle. Each separate box in the grid had shades going from dark to light and vice versa.

    That's a good start.

    Try to answer these questions:

    Does it have colour?
    Does it have texture?
    Does it have balance?
    Does it have rule of thirds?
    Does it have depth?

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    It don't have colour it only have value of shades used with pencil. it not really have texture, it smooth cause I do shade on my book. i not think it have balance. rule of thirds be that you try not to blend dark shades together, keep them apart and same with light shades. i think it have depth because it appear shattered.

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    thanks ms. sue :) u please be able to make these sentence proper too?

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    It doesn't have colour; it only has the value of shades used with pencil. It does not really have texture; it's smooth because I do shade on my book. I do not think it has balance. It has the rule of thirds because I did not blend the dark shades together. I kept them apart and the same with light shades. I think it has depth because it appears shattered.

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    thanks very much ms. sue :)

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