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The American Revolution
From 1763 through 1776 the American colonies sprit of rebellion was escalating. After a long period of being ignored, England put harder rules over the colonist. Economic, political, and social factors made the colonist take steps that led to their independence.
According to Document 1 and 3, England treats the colonies as if they were children. They always tax colonist so that way they won’t have any money. The British taxed them after the French and Indian war. The colonists were angry and tried to over throw the king. They didn't have a lot of rights. In the Boston Massacre, British soldiers killed 5 colonists, Paul Revere’s painting increased anti – British feelings.
Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense”. They’re some quotes in Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense about Britain mistreating the colonies. He feels that Britain has been mistreating the colonies and “bullying” or fighting them. He asks the colonist to fight for independence as they were being mistreated by Britain rights such as life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

What should I write for my conclusion??? I know I know they are some editing mistakes.

  • SS7R Question/Help! (plz read) -

    I wrote 3 paragraphs I just have to write 1 more.

  • SS7R Question/Help! (plz read) -

    Your conclusion restates in other words the main points you've made in your essay.

  • SS7R Question/Help! (plz read) -


    instead of that I can also write my opinion

  • SS7R Question/Help! (plz read) -

    my conclusion can be 2-3 sentences.

    is it good???

    In my opinion, I agree with Thomas Paine, the colonist should fight for independence. As I was studying more about how British people were mistreating the colonists I felt really bad for them.

  • SS7R Question/Help! (plz read) -

    You need to pay attention to what Ms. Sue told you. This is a conclusion that a much younger student would write.

    Read and study:
    Here is a brief list of things that you might accomplish in your concluding paragraph(s).* There are certainly other things that you can do, and you certainly don't want to do all these things. They're only suggestions:

    include a brief summary of the paper's main points.
    ask a provocative question.
    use a quotation.
    evoke a vivid image.
    call for some sort of action.
    end with a warning.
    universalize (compare to other situations).
    suggest results or consequences.

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