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solve the equation 4^2x-2b= (1/8)^x+b for x in terms of b.

1) x=b/7
2) x=7b
3) x=-7b
4)x= -b/7

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    I will assume that you meant to say ....

    4^(2x-2b) = (1/8)^(x+b)
    The way you typed it, solving for b would be a total nightmare.

    2^(4x - 4b) = 2^(-3x - 3b)
    4x - 4b = -3x - 3b
    7x = b
    x = b/7

    (remember 4= 2^2 , and 1/8 = 1/2^3= 2^-3 )

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    Thank you so much Reiny =]

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