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How do you find the ratio of moles of oxygen to moles of tin?
What would be the Empirical formula of tin oxide from the result of ratio?

From my calculations I got the moles as:
Moles of oxygen = 1.761 x 10^-2
Moles of Tin = 8.944 x 10^-3


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    Your question is a little cryptic. I assume you have grams of something and you've converted those to moles. You want the empirical formula from that. If that is the case, you want the ratio of mole of Sn to moles O with the smalles number being 1.00. The easy way top do that is top divide the smallest number by itself; i.e., 8.944E-3/8.944E-3 = 1.00. That assures you of getting one for that one. Then divide the other number by the same small number. That will be 1.761E-2/8.944E-3 = 1.9689 which rounds to 2.0 so it's SnO2.

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