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ms. sue i need help with one sentence in love story i be writing about.

i write the sentence:

if personalities don't match, and the characters are opposite, then each will follow different directions which will cause a split in the relationship.

my friend help edit paragraph but teacher not want these to be negative like i saying "don't" you please help make this positive for me?

  • ms. sue -

    The personalities and characters should match so that a strong relationship is formed.

  • ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue :)

  • ms. sue -

    You're welcome, Mohammad.

  • ms. sue -

    can i get help with other sentence? i write true love is giving, trusting, but i not know how to explain this.

  • ms. sue -

    True love is giving and trusting. Lovers must help and trust each other.

  • ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue :) u not mind helping me with other sentences do u? i just almost done my essay but some sentences sound not good.

  • ms. sue -

    I'm glad to help you with these sentences.

  • ms. sue -

    thank you very very much ms. sue :D i please need help with this other sentence.

    i have to give example from story the painted door by sinclair ross and i writing this but i write the word "unable" in there which be negative.

    In the short story, "The Painted Door", by Sinclair Ross, the main characters John and Ann were unable to understand each other's thoughts and needs, and this lack of understanding caused to drift apart.

    teacher took out each other from sentence and unable be negative word. she also cirle and underline understand and drift apart i think that mean these be two main points or something?

  • ms. sue -

    Ann wants John's company, but he wants to work hard to provide for her. This difference is wants and needs causes her to yearn for togetherness.

    I'm not sure that's what your teacher wants.

    This site may help you.

  • ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue for help and thanks for site :)

  • ms. sue -

    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

  • ms. sue -

    ms. sue in the one i did up above, how would u make it positive though?

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