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Solve the problem.
Jon has 1162 points in his math class. He must have 86% of the 1500 points possible by the end of the term to receive credit for the class. What is the minimum number of additional points he must earn by the end of the term to receive credit for the class?

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    0.86 * 1500 = 1290

    1290 - 1162 = ?

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    IS THIS CORRECT . I live in a townhouse, its 1500 sqft yet its big enough for them. I will end up needing 165 ft of fencing to keep my dogs safe in my backyard.

    2. L=2w+5 and w= 3L-4

    3. A= LW

    1500 sqft= (2W+5)w

    1500 sqft= 2W^2 + 5W

    2W^2+ 5W- 1500 sqft= 0

    4. Next I used to the quadratic formula to figure out what w= which is x = +/- sqrt (b^2 – 4ac)/2

    W= -5+/- sqrt (5^2-4(-1500)/4

    W= -5+/- sqrt (25 + 6400)/4

    W= (-5+/- 105)/4

    W=( -5 + 105)/4

    W+ (-5 – 105)/ 4

    W= 20 ft and w= 27. 5

    Length cannot be negative so therefore the w= 27.5

    L= 2(27.5) + 5

    L= 60 ft

    5.) To find the perimeter the formula is P= 2L+2W

    P= 2(60) + 2(27.5)


    P= 165 ft

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