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Math-Algebra 2

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The surface area of a golf ball is 8.92 in ^2. The surface area of a softball is 53.78 in ^2. Find the ratio of the volumes of a golf ball to a softball. Surface Area = 4π r^2 and Volume = 4/3π r^3

I'm not sure if I did this problem right, but I think the answer is 0.067? Could someone please check my answer?

  • Math-Algebra 2 -

    V/v = (R/r)^3
    A/a = (R/r)^2
    V/v = (A/a)^3/2
    = (53.78/8.92)^3/2
    = 6.029^3/2 = 14.80

    Oops. You wanted v/V = 0.0675

    You are correct

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