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The surface area of a golf ball is 8.92 in ^2. The surface area of a softball is 53.78. Find the ratio of the volumes of a golf ball to a softball. Surface Area = 4π r^2 and Volume = 4/3π r^3

I don't understand this problem, could someone please help me?

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    volume=4/3 PI r^3

    ratio= (rgolf/rsoft)^3

    now how do you get the radius?

    SA=4PI r^2

    r= sqrt (SA/4PI)= k*sqrtSA

    so ratiovolumes= (k*sqrtSAgolf/ksqrtSAsoft)^3=
    (sqrt (SAgolf/SAsoft)^3

    = (sqrt (8.92/53.78))^3

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    So is my answer 496.479489?

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