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While an elevator of mass 2681 kg moves upward, the tension in the cable is 29.4 kN.

(a) What is the acceleration of the elevator?

(b) If at some point in the motion the velocity of the elevator is 1.04 m/s upward, what is the elevator's velocity 3.96 s later?

Please helppp and explain because I keep getting it wrong!!! Thnks

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    tension= (mg+ma) solve for a.

    b. Vnext= vfirst+ a t
    solve for vnext

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    So would it be


    I don't think so cuz it gives me .001 n thtz wrong...

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    You need a tutor. Tension=ma+mg is in SI units. Tension was given as 29,400 Newtons.

    You have to consider units.

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    Oh I see...thnk you n sorry :/

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    would the be a=-6.8 or 6.8 ???

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