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The following data were obtained at 25° C for the reaction [1+2+2]
C2H5Br + OH- C2H5OH + Br-
Determine the rate law for the reaction from these data.

[C2H5Br] [OH-] Rate

0.150 0.200 4.8 x 10-5
0.300 0.200 9.6 x 10-5
0.450 0.200 14.4 x 10-5
0.300 0.600 28.8 x 10-5

(ii) The decomposition of benzene diazonium chloride follows first order kinetics:
C6H5N2Cl (aq) C6H5Cl (l) + N2
The rate constant for this reaction is 0.105 s-1 at 10°C. Starting with a concentration of 0.066 M of C6H5N2Cl, calculate its concentration after 15 seconds.
(iii) What will happen to the cell potential if the concentration of the anodic solution is increased in a concentration cell. Explain

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    If you could explain what you don't understand about these it might make it easier to answer. These are so difficult to show on the board they don't make much sense starting from scratch.

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    0.014 M

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