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Write the verb in each sentence. Write whether the action is past, present, or future

1. A Potter adds sand to the clay
(adds, present)

2. Then he rolls the clay into long, pipe-shaped pieces.
(Pipe-shape, past)

3.Another potters will use a potter's wheel .
(will use, future)

4. She shaped two pots yesterday.
(shaped, past)

5. The electric potter's wheel saved her time.
(saved, past)

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    All are correct except 2. "Pipe-shaped" is an adjective, not a verb.

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    (Rolls, past)

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    Rolls, past

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    Rolls is the verb. But it is not past tense.

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    Rolls, present

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    Rolls is in the present tense.

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    2. Shaped, past.

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    Please let me know if I'm right
    Shaped, past.

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    No. I've told you that rolls is the verb and it's in the past tense.

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