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20.7mL of ethanol (density=0.789g/mL) initially at 8.2 degrees Celsius is mixed with 37.1 mL of water (density=1.0g/mL) initially at 25.7 degrees Celsius in an insulated beaker. Assuming that no heat is lost, what is the final temperature of the mixture?
This is how I set up the problem I just do not know how to iscolate Tf which I just used an X for.

0= 16.33g*2.42J/g degrees Celsius*( X-8.2 degrees Celsius)+37.1 g * 4.184J/g degrees Celsius*(X-25.7)

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    Just clear the parentheses.
    16.33*2.42*X - 16.33*2.42*8.2 + 37.1*4.184*X -37.1*.184*25.7 = 0
    Combine like terms and solve for X.

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