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You pick up a board of length 2.60 m and mass 13.00 kg. To do this, you exert a force upward with your left hand a distance LL=0.754 m from the left end of the board and you need to exert a force with your right hand a distance LR=0.264 m from the left end of the board. Assume the board to be in static equilibrium and that the board is symmetrical with the mass evenly distributedWhat force does the right hand need to exert to keep the board in static equilibrium? (you need to get both the magnitude and the direction)

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    Suppose that you’re facing a straight current-carrying conductor, and the current is flowing
    toward you. The lines of magnetic force at any point in the magnetic field will act in
    A. the same direction as the current.
    B. a clockwise direction.
    C. the direction opposite to the current.
    D. a counterclockwise

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