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Cedric cashed a $125 check at the bank. The teller gave Cedric his money in $5 and $10 bills only. If the teller gave Cedric twice as many $10 bills as $5 bills, how many of each type did cedric receive?

Lefkios went to a fast food restaurant for breakfast. He ate an egg sandwich and 2 hash browns for a total of 550 calories. If an egg sandwich has 3 times as many calories as one hash brown, how many calories are in each?

  • Algebra -

    1. Let x = # of $5, then 2x = # of $10

    5x + 2(10x) = 125

    Solve for x, then 2x

    2. Let x = hash brown calories, then egg = 3x

    2x + 3x = 550

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