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In a large building, oil is used in a steam boiler heating system. The combustion of 1.0 pound of oil provides 2.4*10^7 J.

How many kg of oil are needed to heat 100 kg of water from 22 to 100 degrees C?

How many kg of oil are needed to provide steam from 100 kg of water at 100 degrees C?

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    a. 100 kg H2O from 22 to 100 will require how much energy?
    That is mass H2O (in grams) x specific heat H2O (J/g*C) x (100-22) = ?J
    oil needed(lbs) = 1 lb x (?J/2.4E7)
    Convert lbs oil to kg.

    b. Same concept but heat needed is
    100,000 g H2O x delta Hvap = heat needed.

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