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Writeacher, thank you very much for all your explanations!!
I think the part of the integration of the project into the students' curriculum should be improved. This is what I translated. I think certain points should be omitted. I also wanted to add a new point.

1) Integration of the project into ongoing activities
•Involvement of the classes of the participating students
•In-depth analysis of introductory knowledge.
•Common knowledge of different cultures within Europe, both by experiences and correspondence (in person and by the Internet).
•Widespread communication about both the activities of the project and the results to all classes of students, whether in the project or not.
•Expansion of the school’s educational and multimedia equipment.
•Development of the capacity of using information and communication technology (ICT) and of strengthening (?) and mastering English as a medium of communication.

2) I wanted to say that a course of science in English (in which both the science and the English teacher are present?) will be arranged in the afternoon to reach the competence required by the project.
3) Extra afternoon science hours will be arranged to carry out the experiments as well as a twenty-hour English course to get the students used to the new terminology

  • English -

    Two courses will be given after regular school hours in order for project students to experience success in the program:

    ~ A science course, taught in English by both the science and English teachers, so that students have sufficient instruction in the science of aquatic biodiversity, as well as more opportunities to build their English skills.

    ~ The aquatic biodiversity laboratory, during which students will carry out the experiments required during this specialized study; conducting these labs in English will further the project students' advancement in their English and science skills.


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