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Explain how geography played an important role in the rise of Roman civilizations.
Describe how the Roman's created a republic and conquered Italy. Explain how they built Rome from a small city into a great power simply by treating people fairly.

Please help

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    I just need some sort of help. I barely understand what its talking about.

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    How did the topography and climate help the growth of Rome and its empire?

    How did Rome start a republic? How did it conquer Italy?

    Rome started out as a village. How did it grow to be a great power? Did treating people fairly help it become a great power?

    Take these questions one at a time. I'm sure your book explains all of these answers.

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    I bet it does but if you have any kids youd know how hard it is so ill tell it. Rome's geography is important because it was surrounded by land and it was unable to be attacked by pirates but not to far from water.

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