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Here is the fourth part of my translation. I still have problems with synonyms.
How will you evaluate, during and after the partnership, whether the aims of the partnership have been met and the expected impact has been achieved?

1) Evaluation of the activities: three-month (three-monthly, quarterly) test of the progress state (need to be checked) of the project as to the single objectives, questionnaire of satisfaction given to the students,
2) their parents and the teacher; final evaluation of the activities, recognition of school credits to the participating students (involvement, observance of time (schedules, deadlines), quality and frequency of the correspondence with partner students.

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    1) Quarterly evaluation of activities: assessment of progress in individual objectives; questionnaire of satisfaction given to the students, their parents and the teachers.

    2. Final evaluation: assessment of outcome of activities; recognition of school credits for the participating students (involvement, schedules, deadlines), quality and frequency of correspondence among partners.

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