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Thank you. Here is the third part of my translation. I included synonyms in brackets. I really need you to check the words.

Integration into ongoing activities
1) Involvement of the classes of the participating students
2) Closer examination (or in-depth analysis) of propaedeutical knowledge
3) Mutual (reciprocal) knowledge of different cultures within European citizenship (exchanges through Internet and mobilities)
4) Transmission (transfer, transference) of both the experience and the results to parallel classes (I believe, for example students from other second classes whose students are not involved in the project)
5) Strengthening (boost, expansion, development) of the school’s didactic (or educational, educative?) and multimedia equipment.
6) Development of the capacity of using of ICT (information and communication technology)and of mastering English as a medium of communication (I don't know how to say that the study of English will be strenthen too)

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