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Once upon a time there were 4 friends, Ivy, Sam, Jenny, and Lisa. They’d gain magical powers. This all started on a field trip. The whole 8th grade is going to bear mtn. When everyone arrived they started setting up the food, turn up the music and start taking out some games to play. Everyone was having really fun including the 4 friends.
“Man this food taste sooo good!” said Sam
“Look at the nature its soo beautiful” said Lisa
“This is the best trip ever!” yelled Ivy
“Everything is just perfect!” said Jenny
The moment later everyone started playing some games and sports. The teacher sat down talking and eating their food. Even some students were eating and looking at the beautiful lake.
“Is it me or is it hot in here?” asked Ivy as she was shaking her T-shirt.
“It’s completely warm outside Ivy” said Jenny
“You guys is mad windy outside” complained Sam
“It’s not even windy” said Lisa
“That’s weird I’m feeling all watery” said Jenny
“COME HERE!” yelled Ivy. She drags Jenny to her and twisting her arm so that way more water can go all over her.
“Get off of me!!!” yelled Jenny. This is ridiculous there is no way it’s windy outside, plus it’s not even hot outside and water is coming out of my body!!!
“Well nothing happen to Lisa” said Sam
“Yeah….” said Ivy
“Well I’m fine and I know nothing is going to happen to me” said Lisa.
Lisa lay on the grass relax until tons of flowers started to grow around her. When she opened her eyes she was shocked.
“OMG you guys LOOK!!!!” Lisa yelled.
“I knew something was going to happen to you” said Ivy
“Ok this is getting really weirder now” said Jenny
A moment later as the girls were talking the 4 of them started flowing in the air. They all realized they were flying.
“AHHHH” screamed Jenny
“This is sooo cool” Ivy yelled.
“Are you serious!!!?” Sam yelled. We are flying how is this is cool?
“Everyone is staring at us” Lisa pointed
Everyone included the teachers see them flying in the air. Haft of the teachers even fainted.
“Wow they’re flying” said an 8th grader
“Wait I know this, we’re going to be w.i.c.t.h. from that TV show” said Ivy. We’re w.i.c.t.h.! We’re w.i.c.t.h.!
“Give me an N, give me an O what does that spell NO!” yelled Jenny. We are not from that TV show, remember Ivy witches, or fairies DON’T EXIST!
“Jenny has a point Ivy, besides this is really weird” said Lisa
“Hello what are we going to do now everyone is staring at us” said Sam
All the sadden pixie dust were falling from the sky then everyone besides the teachers were flowing in the air and started flying. Then the girls face started glow a lot and their clothes started turning into these beautiful colors. Even their hairs are glowing.
“Oh lord, man this is getting weirder and WEIRDER!” said Sam
“Look at us” said Jenny
“Does it really matter?” asked Ivy. Don’t waste your time now, just have fun and fly. We’re going to high school, let’s spend our time now having fun and remember this moment.
“Yeah she right” Sam agreed
“Let have fun!” said Lisa
Everyone started flying everywhere. The girls made a circle and spin. The next thing beautiful colors spread everywhere. The teachers didn’t bother doing anything they’re surprise they having fun instead of panicking. Then, the girls realized that they have magical powers.
“I have the power of water” said Jenny.
“I have the power of earth” said Lisa
“I have the power of fire” said Ivy
“And I have the power of wind” said Sam
“But what are we going to do with our powers?” asked Jenny
“Well I’m guesting we have fun using them today but tomorrow they will be gone I guested” said Ivy
“You will keep your powers forever …”
“Who said that?” asked Sam
“It wasn’t me” said Lisa
A moment later white pixie dust came out from the sky and then a fairy came.
“Hello my name is Ms. Perry Winkle and I’m the one who said that you’ll keep your powers forever” said the Fairy. I choose you girls because you guys cared about each other. Friendship is important. But it’s your decision if you want to keep it or not.
“Well I’m soo keeping my powers” said Ivy
“Yeah I’m keeping them too” said Lisa
“Me too” said Sam
Everyone looked at Jenny waiting for her to answer. She was still thinking and realized that if she kept her powers it would be really cool.
“Yeah I’m keeping my powers” Jenny answered.
“Group hug!” said Ivy
Everyone gave a huge including Ms. Perry Winkle.
“Excellent now I have to go, I’m in a tight schedule. It was nice meeting you girls” said Ms. Perry Winkle. Have fun! J
“Bye!” said the girls
“Ok girls, let’s jazz this up!” said Jenny
The moment later Jenny used her powers and sprinkle water everywhere. With that Sam blows a little wind, then Lisa grows flowers everywhere and lastly Ivy makes a little fire for entertainment. Everyone was having a wonderful time even the girls!
- The Oaqui
"The more fun you have, the greater your value to yourself and to your society. The more fun you share with others, the more fun you have."
A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
Elbert Hubbard

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~Oscar Wilde, "The Importance of Being Earnest"

I hope you guys love me story.

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    do you guys like it???

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    It's unreadable because of the strange symbols.

    “Well I’m

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    i don't see strange symbols

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