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According to the balanced equation 6 moles of carbon dioxide will react with 6 moles of water to produce 1 mole of sugar and 6 moles of oxygen.

What are the molar masses of the following compounds from the photosynthesis equation?
CO2=___________g=1 mole
H20=___________g=1 mole
C6H12O6=________g=1 mole
O2=________g=1 mole ??

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    Look at the periodic table and add up the atomic masses. For example,
    CO2 is 44.
    C = 12; O = 16 x 2 = 32 and 32 + 12 = 44
    I have rounded the numbers. Use the number of significant figures you need when you do it yourself. CO2 would be 44.01 if you wanted more accuracy.

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