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ms. sue i change up my story about switch on and off from reality i make it not about childhood but about wasting resources in reality and off reality i help the poor people. kind of like that, teacher want me to tell everything about my character starting of story give description she say tell about setting too. i start mine off by saving poor girl's life from getting ruined by drug dealer who want to buy the daughter from parents then i step in and tell no u cant do that and get him arrested. but teacher want me to describe my character to start liking it. can u please tell how i do that?

and for my story it seem very hard because do i have to have many stories like walter did or it just be around one? like this one i save person life then i come to reality and i see hobos and not help them out, then i go back off reality and do i start with something different like helping other poor people out? cause i sort want to stick with one thing. i just not know what interesting to write about.

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    The teacher wants your character to start liking what??

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