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Improving your writing

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I hope I got it this time...Is the use of my semi colons and colon correct ?

For the past three months there seems to be an ever-growing problem at our company of DMD Medical Supplies: The quality of work has been poor; the morale of various employees has been brought down; and the workflow has been uneven amongst both teams and the executives. The first problem is with Ruth and the executive team of Frank and Samuel; they are lacking a full time assistant. Ruth is becoming exhausted from doing overtime which is costing our company 200$ more a month. This problem is causing her to submit work that is poorly done, and is affecting Frank and making him unhappy with her work. The second problem is that Ralph is working without his executive team member Jessica, due to her being away on sick leave. Although her tasks have been spread out between both teams, Ralph is the only team with a full time administrative assistant. Jack who is a supporter for Ralph’s team has also not being doing well. Although he produces good quality work , he seldom shows up for work on time, takes more time on his allotted break schedule and seems to have very little to do in day. These problems are beginning to affect our company and the quality of work we strive to put out to ensure customer satisfaction.
As office manager, I believe the only way to rectify this problem is to sit down and have a meeting with Liz Jakowski the Human Resources Director and all the parties involved. This needs to be done as a team as I only have control over Jack and Ruth. Coming together with all parties involved would enable us to delegate the work equally between everyone on both teams. My first solution to fix the problems at hand is to give both executive teams full time administrative assistants. In turn this would cost the company a bit more money but would result in a more even work flow. It would also give Ruth the opportunity to produce better quality of work and stop her from needing overtime. Frank’s morale would be lifted as he will become less irritated by the poor quality of her work. My second solution that I would like to see take place is that my employee Jack be placed on a 3-month probation effective immediately. He will be required to come to work on time and take his allotted break time given to him. I will be delegating some of Ruth’s tasks over to Jack, and by doing so it will solve the problem of him having little to do in a day. My third solution I would ask to take place from Liz Jakowski is that we delegate Jessica’s work evenly between both team. If that solution doesn’t work well in the next month, perhaps we could hire a temporary replacement until we know her exact return date. I truly believe the only way to rectify this issue is by using these solutions and working as one large team. This way we can be sure DMD Medical Supplies continues to produce top quality work to their customers.

  • Improving your writing -

    amongst = 15th century English!! What is the modern-day word that means the same?

    200$ = ?????????????

    Everything else looks OK.

  • Improving your writing -

    Oops forgot about the 200 and is it between? :) hehe

  • Improving your writing -

    Changed it to between and changed the 200 part...... Gonna submit it now and pray I get a good score. This one was tough ! :)

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