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You will need the following info to solve the problem:

You can cover a sheet of paper with 6 $100 bills

There are 500 sheets of paper in 1 ream

There are 10 reams in 1 carton

Imagine that you have inherited $1 million . The bank has only $700,000 in $100 bill. The bank gives you the rest of the money in $20 bills and $10 bills. Your suitcase will hold as much as 1 carton of paper.
Will $1 million dollars fit in your suitcase?
Show all of your work. Explain what you did to solve the problem.

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    Calculate the number of sheets of paper in a carton and multiply that by 6. You get 30,000. That is the number of bills you can carry. There are only 7000 $100 bills available, so you still have room for 23,000 bills. If you use twenties in the remaining space, you can carry an additional $460,000. So you will have no problem fitting in the additional $300,000 needed, if most are twenties.

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