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Sally and Peter have a lawn-mowing business. They earn $30 for

a large yard, $21 for a medium-sized yard, and $15 for a small

yard. If they mow 8 yards and there are at least 2 yards of each

size, what is the maximum amount of money they can earn?

  • Math -

    x = no. of small yards
    y = no. of medium yards
    z = no. of large yards

    Naturally, they make the most money when mowing the greatest number of large yards.

    But, x>=2 and y>=2.
    So, x+y >= 4
    If the mow 8 yards, then z = 8 - (x+y) <= 4

    mowing 2 small, 2medium, and 4 large yards, they earn

    2*15 + 2*21 + 4*30 = 192

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