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Hello I was wondering if you could correct my homework. Thanks.

In each of the following sentences identify the italicized verbal phrase as a participial phrase or gerund phrase.

1. Maxine gets her exercise by dancing for at least three hours a week.
- dancing for at least three hours a week = participial

2. Winning the contest was a thrill for our cheerleaders.
- winning the contest = gerund

3. Richard's summer job is delivering groceries to the hospital.
- delivering groceries to the hospital = gerund

4. Enzo Ferrari became famous by building fast and stylish cars.
- building fast and stylish cars = participial

5. Preparing for that play took quite a long time.
- preparing for that play = gerund

6. Samantha overheard Tina and Sue talking about their vacation plans.
- talking about their vacation plans = gerund

7. Excited by the thought of the trip, we finished packing early.
- Excited by the thought of the trip = participial

8. Koalas get most of their nutrition by eating eucalyptus leaves.
- eating eucalyptus leaves = participial

9. Tired of the noise outside, we closed the window.
- tired of the noise outside = participial

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    Please review the difference between how nouns (gerunds) and adjectives (participles) are used in sentences. 50% of your first 4 answers are incorrect.

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    no.1 no.4 and no.8 are incorrect

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