English 7 - Journal Entry Check

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English Homework:
Journal Entry Due Tomorrow
Topic - Dicuss a time when you made a decison to do something (Determination), and perservered as a result.

Please check my journal entry to see if it's good.


When I first came in the 7th grade at (school name), I was determine to be in the principal/honor roll list, ace all of my classes, and be one of the top student in my classes. In the 1st quarter I worked really hard. I was acing all of my classes, and was one of the best students in my classes. When I received my report card I saw my grades for the 1st quarter, I did very well! A few weeks later the school mail me saying that after they clearly read my report card they’re putting my name in the Honor Roll list for the 1st quarter and that they wish I continued doing this in the future. I was sooo happy I made it to the honor roll. My average was a 93.50.
When I arrived in the 2nd quarter I was determine to be in the principal list this time and get my average to at least a 98. After my math teacher Mrs. Schlussel told me that my average for math in the 2nd quarter, I wasn’t much happy, I got a 72 average. It was only because my test grade average, I was struggling. I didn’t fail all of my testes/quizzes only some of them. I done extra credit and she only raised it up to a 75. But the good news is the I’m doing VERY well in science now. I’m predicting my average may be a 95 or 97 and that I was selected to the Math Academy. That’s a good things is because now I can get some help and they will prepare me for the NYS Math Exam, I want a 4 not a 3, 4!!!! Plus my math teacher wrote GOOD comments in my report card. In my other classes I’m doing well now. Since I’m in the 3rd quarter I’m determine to get my test average for math to a 95 and everything else a 100.
I hope I make it to the principals for the 2nd quarter but I don’t know really, it depends how well I did last quarter, I may end up in the Honor roll but I believe I could be in the principals. In order to be in the principals I have to maintain a 94.5 average or up. For the 1st quarter it was a 93.50 or 93.5 (same thing), I was close. I hope I made it to the principals this quarter if I don’t and make it to the honor roll then it won’t be that bad. Then this quarter I’ll have a chance if making it to the principals! 

  • English 7 - Journal Entry Check Question -

    I have to write a full page essay for this journal entry assignment. This journal entry have 3 paragraphs.

  • English 7 - Please Check My Journal Entry -

    Please check my journal entry. This is a HUGE part of my grade for english. Is it good, any grammar mistakes.

    Please read it.

  • English 7 - Journal Entry Check -

    between hard and i for this sentence"I worked really hard. I was" should be a comma

    also with this sentence"A few weeks later the" a comma should be between later and the

  • English 7 - Journal Entry Check -

    Thx! :)

    So is everything else is good?

  • English 7 - Journal Entry Check -

    instead of "in" use on for this sentence

  • English 7 - Journal Entry Check -

    It shouldn't be 'I done extra credit`` You should replace done with did.

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